Among Those Serving the Nation

Written by: Dean Maskevich,
First Lieutenant Nathi Kijpatanasilp in Afghanistan

Many men and women who have studied at NJIT have also served in the U.S. armed forces. Among those currently working toward a degree and serving in uniform is First Lieutenant (1LT) Nathi Kijpatanasilp,12A general engineer officer, 854th Engineer Battalion, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

1LT Kijpatanasilp is in Afghanistan on his first deployment after joining the Army Reserve in 2010. He says, “Since the beginning of this year, our Engineers have been activated and deployed throughout the Middle East. We are responsible for missions that include base construction and maintenance, road construction and repairs, and force protection for U.S. personnel along with our NATO allies.”

A graduate of Rutgers University with a B.S. in geology, 1LT Kijpatanasilp has completed a graduate certificate in construction management and is studying for his master’s in engineering management. Of his decision to combine this academic path with military service he says, “When I was in middle school, the 9/11 attacks happened. I wanted to do my part to defend and protect our freedom. Becoming an Army officer has been the biggest honor of my life.”

And with respect to enrolling at NJIT for graduate work, he cites the flexibility and reputation of the MSEM program. “The curriculum is exactly what I was looking for. Being a full-time working professional, the flexibility of the online program was also the seller for me. As a construction manager, time can be hard to come by, so whatever block of time I had was dedicated to doing school work, and the online flexibility really helped. I was half way through the MSEM program prior to being deployed, and I am eager to get back to school and finish the program, hopefully by spring 2019.”

Commenting about his NJIT experience in general, 1LT Kijpatanasilp adds, “I highly recommended NJIT to all the future students out there. The professors are experts in their fields and the staff members are all about you succeeding. You’ll have made the right choice to be a part of this fine community.”

1LT Kijpatanasilp also anticipates that serving in the Army Reserve will continue to be a very important part of his life. He says, “I have the best of both worlds, civilian and military. Being able to lead our men and women on missions and serve our country in the Army is the best experience that one can ever have. The camaraderie, the dedication and the esprit de corps are second to none.

Last but not least, please support our troops!”