Athanassios Bladikas

Contact Info

Title: Program Director & Advisor,BS IE,MS EM,TRAN Prgms.
Office: 208 MEC
Phone: 973-596-3653
Dept: Industrial Manufact. Eng.

About Me


  • City College of New York, B.S., 1971.
  • Columbia University, M.B.A., 1975.
  • Polytechnic Institute of New York, M.S., 1976.
  • Polytechnic Institute of New York, Ph.D., 1983.

Research Interests

Transportation systems analysis and modeling.

Current Research


Activities Optimal public transportation system service planning using a variety of objective functions, and modeling intermodal auto-rail commuter networks to analyze the effects of various operating and pricing policies on ridership, congestion and investments.

Selected Publications

  • K.B. Winslow, A.K. Bladikas, K.J. Hausman, and L.N. Spasovic, "Introduction of an Information Feedback Loop to Enhance the Urban Transportation Modeling System," Transportation Research Record, 1493, 81-89.
  • L.N. Spasovic, M.P. Boile and A.K. Bladikas, "A Framework for Assessing the Benefits of Highway Traveler Information Services," Transportation Research Record, 1485, 27-34.
  • W. Zhang, L.N. Spasovic, A.K. Bladikas, L.J. Pignataro, E. Niver, and S. Ciszewski, "A Primer on Electronic Toll Collection Technologies," Transportation Research Record, 1526, 1-10.
  • M.P. Boile, L.N. Spasovic and A.K. Bladikas, "Modeling Intermodal Auto-Rail Commuter Networks," Transportation Research Record, 1526, 38-47.
  • L.N. Spasovic, M.P. Boile and A.K. Bladikas, "Bus Transit Service Coverage for Maximum Profit and Social Welfare," Transportation Research Record, 1451, 12-22.