Rong-Yaw Chen

Contact Info

Title: Professor Emeritus


  • North Carolina State University, PhD 1966
  • University of Toledo, MS 1963 
  • National Taiwan University, BS 1957

Academic and Research Appointments

  • Named Professor Emeritus, January 27, 2014
  • Associate Chair for Graduate Studies, New Jersey  Institute of Technology, Mechanical Engineering (January 1993-2000)
  • Professor, Mechanical Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology (1966-Present).

Research Interests

Theoretical studies in deposition of particles suspended in gas stream in conduits due to inertia, viscous, gravity and electrostatic forces using finite element and finite difference methods

Selected Publications

  • Chen, R. Y., Chiou, H.C. and Sun, D. "Deposition of Particles in a Convergent Channel" Powder Technology, vol 87, pp. 83-86, 1996.    
  • Chen, R.Y., Chen, W.C. and Lai, C.S. "Deposition of Charged Particles in a Channel" Powder Tech. vol.74, pp.135-140,  1993      
  • Chen, R.Y., Hui, K. H and Lu, C.H. "A Theoretical Study of Deposition of Charged Particles in a Convergent Channel due to Image Forces" Powder Tech. vol. 61, pp.225-229, 1990    
  • Chen, R. Y. and Kojack, T. A. "Deposition of Suspensions in the Entrance of a diffuser - Electrostatic and Gravitational Effects" Computer & Fluids, Vol.7, No.4, pp.295-304,  1979    
  • Chen, R. Y. "Flow in the Entrance Region at Low Reynolds Numbers" J of Fluids Engrg, Trans. ASME pp.153-158,  1975    
  • Chen, R.Y.and Williams, J.C."On Transition from Supersonic to Subsonic Flow at Low Reynolds Numbers in a Tube" J of Appl. Mech. Trans. ASME , pp.146-150,  1970