Sanchoy K. Das

Contact Info

Title: Professor & Graduate Advisor IE, MNE, HSM & PSM
Office: 319 ME Building
Hours: Monday: 1 pm to 3 pm Thursday: 4 pm to 6 pm
Phone: 973-596-3654
Dept: Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

About Me

The fundamental knowledge of the IE and EM profession encourages a systems viewpoint that permits us to reduce costs while at the same time maintain or further increase operational performance. The confluence of information technology and systems engineering has made the roles of IE and EM relevant in a wide range of industries. In both my teaching and research I emphasize the systems engineering view as applied to a wide range of practical problems. Here at NJIT I have been involved in several research groups including NJIT Multi Life-Cycle Engineering Research Center,New Jersey Industry Eco-efficiency and Sustainability Guide, Design for QM (Quality Manufacturability) Group and the Healthcare Systems Engineering Research Group . In the past I have received the Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award from the Institute of Industrial Engineers and the Outstanding Young Engineer Award from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.


  • University of Science and Technology (Ghana), B.S., 1982.
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, M.S., 1985.
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Ph.D., 1989.

Awards and Honors

  • NJIT University Excellence in Teaching Award, 2012
  • NCE Excellence in Teaching Award, March 2011
  • Healthcare Planning and Marketing Society (HPMSNJ) Special Achievement Award, 2009


Research Interests

Supply chain modeling and analysis, Sustainability of industrial systems. Design for manufacturability, healthcare systems productivity.

Current Research: Prof. Sanchoy Das’s research activities are focused on studying the operations productivity of both industrial and service organizations including factories, supply chains, and hospitals. Specifically his research group evaluates the impact of information technology, procedural redesign, scheduling methods, and facilities redesign on improved productivity. Specific research interests include supply chain modeling and analysis, sustainability of industrial systems and hospital productivity.  His research has been published extensively in leading journals and his research sponsored by many agencies including the National Science Foundation, US Department of Energy and US Army Research Office.

Current Research

Dr. Das is developing a methodology for evaluating the quality manufacturability of new designs from an assembly perspective. As part of this research he is investigating new designs for snap-fit and screw fasteners. Also, he is analyzing how to build flexible manufacturing solutions for use in small- and medium-sized companies.

Selected Publications


  • Zhang, X. and Das, S.K. (2012), “Scheduling Capacity In Surgical Facilities – A Simulation Model” Industrial Systems Engineering Research Conference ISERC 2012, Institute of Industrial Engineers, Orlando Florida, Paper # 1332 
  • Boodhoo, S. and Das, S.K. (2012), “A Productivity Output Measure For a Hospital Unit Of Care” QSE2012 - Mayo Clinic Quality & Systems Engineering Conference Procs., Mayo Academy
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