Ian S. Fischer

Contact Info

Title: Professor
Email: ian.s.fischer@njit.edu
Office: 312 MEC
Phone: 973-596-3354
Dept: Mechanical Engineering

About Me

Ian S. Fischer, Eng.Sc.D, is a professor of mechanical engineering at New Jersey Institute of Technology. His current research interests are in the dual-number analysis of mechanisms, and in particulate and multiphase flows. The mechanism analysis emphases the dual-number coordinate-transformation matrix kinematics of displacements, velocity, and acceleration, and the statics and inertia dynamics of spatial mechanisms as well as spherical, planar and offset mechanisms. The flow analysis considers the motion of particles on liquid-fluid interfaces, adsorption of particles on liquid surfaces, dynamics of particle-laden droplets in electric fields, and electro-rheological fluids.

Dr. Fischer is a recipient of the Van Houten Award for Teaching Excellence. During Spring 1997 he was visiting professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Pennsylvania State University. As Associate Chair of Mechanical Engineering during 2000-2005 Dr. Fischer dealt with a large number of administrative issues within the department and developed his Student Management System to improve the advisement-registration process for undergraduate students. When chair of the institute Undergraduate Curriculum Review Committee during 2002-2004 Dr. Fischer led the adoption of the Continuity of Registration rule and the reform of the Course Repetition rule.



  • Columbia University, EngScD 1985
  • Princeton University, MSE 1973
  • Columbia University, BS 1970


Awards and Honors

  • Robert W. Van Houten Award for Teaching Excellence (NJIT Alumni Association, 1996).
  • George A Wood Award (National Applied Mechanisms and Robotics Conference, 1995).

Research Interests



  • Particulate Flows
  • Design of spatial mechanisms, dual-number mechanics, mechanical aspects of robotics
  • Kinematics and the design of mechanisms. Dual-number coordinate-transformation methods are being developed to analyze displacements, velocities, statics and dynamics of complex spatial mechanisms.

Selected Publications


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