Frequently-Asked Questions for Transfer Students

If you do not have transfer credit for all of the following:
  1. Math 111, Cal 1
  2. Chem 125, Chem 1
  3. Hum 101, English composition

You must make arrangements to take a placement test in the appropriate area(s). Please see Ms. Margo S. Gilchrist
              Office of First Year Students.
              Associate Director of Placement Testing
              Phone: 973-596-2981
              Room: 280 Campus Center

Transfer credits from New Jersey Junior Colleges are processed and posted by Office of Admissions and Office of Registrar. Need solely to verify (using your school I.D.) that the posted transfers are correct. Any discrepancies must be handled as outlined below.

For transfer credits for courses in the following disciplines:

  1. Math-Department of Mathematical Sciences - 606 Cullimore
  2. Physics - Department of Physics - 463 Tiernan Hall
  3. Chemistry - Department of Chemistry and Environmental Science - 151 Tiernan Hall
  4. Mech (Mechanics) - Department of Civil Engineering - 200 Colton Hall.
  5. English or Humanities - Department of Humanities - 431 Cullimore Hall.

Transfer Status

Upon the completion of a semester course work at NJIT, a transfer student will no longer be considered as a transfer student.  You will become a continuing Freshmen, sophomore, junior or senior

You may need to practice perseverance.