Why Study Industrial Engineering at NJIT?

If  you're always finding a better, more efficient, more sensible way to do things, you're already on the right track to become an industrial engineer.  The saying goes, "Engineers make things, industrial engineers make them better."

As an industrial engineer, you might study an assembly line that makes cars and find time-saving  or safety-ensuring alternatives.  You'll look at all the factors--people, machines, materials, information and energy--that go into any kind of process, from surgery to a space walk to passengers going through airport security.  And you'll find better, more efficient ways to use those factors.  Because every business and every industry is always looking to improve and be more productive, you'll have a broad range of career options.

You'll learn in a student-centered environment from dedicated instructors who provide personalized attention and guidance. You have many opportunities to gain professional experience through co-ops and to network with employers through student and department activities.

Students are also exposed to a range of sophisticated instruments, while developing the kind of problem-solving skills that are crucial in the engineering field.

What Is Industrial Engineering?