Faculty Research Interests

The table below lists the current research interests of the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering faculty members.

Wenbo Selina Cai
Assistant Professor
Intertemporal pricing, consumer behavior in operations management, game theory and mechanism design

Rong-yaw Chen
Professor Emeritus

Theoretical deposition of dust particles, thermo-fluid systems, heat exchangers

Shawn Chester
Assistant Professor
Solid mechanics and materials, large deformation elasticity and plasticity, multiphysics behavior of materials, computational mechanics.

Dibakar Datta
Assistant Professor

Modeling of energy storage systems such as rechargeable batteries, Mechanics and electronics of nanomaterials (e.g., graphene) and other two-dimensional materials such as Transition Metal Dichalcogenides (TMDs), Modeling of imperfections in crystalline materials, and Nanomaterials for biological problems 

Ian S. Fischer
Spatial mechanisms, dual-number kinematics, robotics

Pasquale J. Florio
Associate Professor
Thermo-fluid systems, multi-component fluid flow, turbulent heat transfer

Avraham Harnoy

Lubrication, tribology, dynamic friction, viscoelastic fluid flow, polymer melts

Zhiming Ji
Associate Professor

Biomechanics: postural stability, rehabilitation and movement therapy.
System Integration and Robotics: design and control of mechanical and electromechanical systems (Mechatronics).

Bernard Koplik

Piping and pressure vessel design, vibrations of plates and shells, dynamic response of structures, design of dental implants

​Eon Soo Lee
Assistant Professor

Research interests in new and renewable energy systems and fluid and thermal energy systems.
Experimental investigations on flow and heat transfer in energy and electronic devices, and Optical imaging and methodology in microscale phenomena: - Fuel cells and Renewable energy systems and materials:

Lu Lu
Assistant Professor
Control, robotics, manufacturing, mechatronics, human-robot interaction

Siva P. Nadimpalli
Assistant Professor

Experimental Solid Mechanics with an emphasis on nano and micro mechanics of materials, Energy Storage Materials, Fracture Mechanics, Plasticity, Finite Element Modeling and Microelectronic Packaging

Kwabena A. Narh
Crystallization kinetics and phase transitions, plastics processing, polymer degradation, melt extrusions

I. Joga Rao

Mechanics of fluids and solids.  Modeling of non-linear phenomenon observed in mechanics with an emphasis on applications in biomechanics, manufacturing processes and polymers.

Anthony D. Rosato
Mechanics and behavior of granular flows and materials, discrete element simulations, discrete dynamics, Monte Carlo methods

Pushpendra Singh
Computational fluid dynamics, multi-phase and particulate flows, stability of Newtonian and viscoelastic flows, free boundary problems

Rajpal S. Sodhi
Mechanical design, computer methods in design, kinematics, linkage synthesis, rehabilitation engineering, demanufacturing processes
Chao Zhu

Particulate multiphase flows, pollution control, membrane separation