Bearing Design and Tribology Laboratory

The laboratory technical areas include design of hydrodynamic, hydrostatic, rolling element bearings and novel designs of unique bearings, such as composite bearings. Also, the role of bearings in rotor dynamics is investigated.

Students are currently engaged in the design and development of testing machines, which include computer data acquisition, for friction and wear, and for testing bearing materials and lubricant additives. Research is conducted in modeling and compensation of friction in control systems for precise motion control, stick-slip friction, friction-induced vibrations and anti-lock brakes.

Current research work is conducted in orthopedic hip-joint implants, modeling and measurement of dynamic friction in bearings, clutches, vehicle breaks and tires. Other research interests are rheology of lubricants, including multigrade oils, synthetic lubricants and tribology of bearing materials.

For further information contact:

Avraham Harnoy, DSc
Mechanical Engineering Department
Mechanical Engineering Center, Room 319
973- 596-3350