Undergraduate Research in Robotics and System Integration

Project: Platform Manipulators

A program funded by National Science Foundation for developing rational synthesis and planning modethods for platform manipulators, and for constructing a reconfigurable experimental device OSCAR (Operational Space Controlled Adjustable Robot).

This project provides student(s) with an opportunity to perform detailed design of a platform manipulator. The student is asked to do the conceptual design, selection of sensors and actuators, as well as the detailed design with the use of PRO/ E or other CAD software. Depending on the result of this project and the continued interest of the student, it is possible to continue this project in the subsequent semester. Requirements will match with the type of registration.

Project: Precision Optoelectronics Assembly

A team project funded by National Institute of Standards and Technology in the form of a consortium with leading industrial partners, to develop key technologies to enable fast, flexible automated assembly of optoelectronics systems.

Project: General Investigations in Robotics, Automation and Integration

  • Kinematics and dynamic modeling of robots and dynamic machines
  • Methods for system calibration and accuracy improvement
  • Object manipulation with robotic hands
  • Automated assembly and disassembly


Dr. Zhiming Ji
Room: MEC 305
Phone: 973-596-3341
Email: zhiming.ji@njit.edu