Mechanical Engineering Elective Courses

The following table provides a list of the ME Elective courses referred to in the NJIT University Catalog along with links to the course descriptions and to the course syllabi.  Not every ME elective course is offered every semester.

The web site also includes a list of Technical Electives which specify non-ME courses that may be used to meet the technical elective requirements for the BS in Mechanical Engineering.


ME  425 Finite Element Method in Mechanical Engineering Course Syllabus  
ME  431 Intro Robotics & Automation Course Syllabus  
ME  432 Principles of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Course Syllabus Lecture Notes
(Dr. C. Zhu)
ME 433 Vibration Analysis Course Syllabus  
ME  437    Structural Analysis Course Syllabus


Assignment Sheet
ME 438 Introduction to Physical Metallurgy Course Syllabus  
ME  439    Principles of Tribology Course Syllabus  
ME  441    Computer Simulation Course Syllabus  
ME  451    Introduction to Aerodynamics Course Syllabus  
ME  452    Dynamics of Space Flight Course Syllabus Assignment Sheet
ME  455    Automatic Controls Course Syllabus  
ME  470    Engineering Properties of Plastics Course Syllabus Assignment Sheet
ME  471    Introduction to Polymer Processing Techniques Course Syllabus  
ME  490* Mechanical Engineering Project A    
ME  491*  Mechanical Engineering Project B    

* Written Departmental Approval Required


September 6, 2016