PERMITS (effective Spring 2013 Registration)

General Permits

If you need a prerequisite permit or have restrictions due to major, bridge course, etc, please contact your advisor.  If you need a closed course permit please see below.

Closed Course Permits

If the class you wish to register is full, please submit a closed course permit in order to be placed on the waiting list.  Closed course permit requests are evaluated periodically.  Please carefully read the instructions on the Closed Course Permit Application for the processing times.

To request a permit for a closed ME or IE course, please make sure you put yourself on the "WAITLIST" for the course as you register under banner. If a course do not have a "WAITLIST" please contact Mrs. Gina Michelle or Mrs. Lucie Tchouassi.  The department is not using a separate Closed Course Permit Application.

Closed Course Permits WILL NOT be granted to students who are currently enrolled in another section of the same course.


  1. Closed Course Forms will not be granted by the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (MIE) if other sections of the course have not reached their maximum of number of students. The student should re-arrange their schedule to register in the section that has not reached its maximum size.
  2. A Graduate Student who needs to take a ME course as a bridge course may be asked to provide a note from their graduate advisor or the admissions letter that specifies the required math course.
  3. The processing of closed course permits will follow the schedule bellow:
  1. The waitlist is being evaluated automatically as space becomes available in that course. Please be sure to check your email at least twice a day.

  2. Initial evaluation of Closed course permits for Fall and Spring courses will be conducted once the grades for the semester in question are available in banner. This process will allow for increased classroom capacity and providing additional sections whenever feasible.

  3. Once the waitlist is closed the department will began to issue permits, based on the waitlist and available capacity.

  4. Closed course permit requests for Summer courses will be provided within a week.
  5. Closed course permit requests for Winter courses will be provided within three (3) business days.

Registration Procedures

1. NOTE: The form asks for at least two (2) sections of the course to be listed (if available or possible). The more sections you provide will increase the chances of getting into the course.

2. The Department will review the Closed Course Request.  If approved, an “electronic permit to enroll in the course” will be issued and an email will be sent to the student.  “Electronic permits” are placed directly into NJIT’s computer system allowing the student to override the Closed Course.  Students need to then go on-line and attempt to register for the requested course(s). THE DEPT. OF MECHANICAL AND INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING CANNOT REGISTER A STUDENT FOR A COURSE.