Mechanical Engineering Technical Electives for Doctor of Medicine Degree

Courses for the ME student preparing for the Doctor of Medicine Degree

One of the advantages of the current ME Curriculum, is that Honors College, ME Students who have previously committed to a pre-med program can take the usually needed medical school preparation courses in biology & chemistry and have them credit towards the ME/Tech electives of their ME program.

Courses permitted in this category are:

  • R120 101; general Biology (4 cr)
  • Chem 243; organic Chemistry I, (3 cr)
  • R120 102; general Biology, (4 cr)
  • Chem 244, organic Chemistry II, (3 cr)

The individual student is responsible for verifying which courses are required by a particular medical school and if they have the prerequisites for the listed courses.


PF 4/21/08